RPB Z-Link Painting Respirator

Part no. HANVZ012

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The RPB Z-LINK respirator is a multi-purpose helmet intended to provide operator protection and respiration while blasting, painting or welding. Its visor is outfitted with a hinge capability for free air breathing and communication and boasts wide fields of peripheral and downward vision.

A detachable Z-LINK+ welding visor seamlessly clips onto the helmet’s main visor to provide the operator with additional vision protection while welding. 


This respirator is typically used by operators who switch between multiple tasks and don’t wish to change respirator systems. The helmet can be used in blasting, painting or welding environments.


  • Compliant with NIOSH and CE certifications
  • Certified to ANSI Z87+ and ANSI Z89.1
  • Molded helmet padding to spread weight evenly across operator’s head
  • Ratchet adjustable padding system for optimum fit and comfort
  • Polystyrene top liner for impact protection
  • Hinge-enabled main visor for operator convenience
  • Detachable welding visor with 1/1/1/1 rated auto darkening filter and replaceable impact lens



RPB Z-Link Helmet Components:
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
A1. LINK System Hard Hat Helmet Shell HAZ16511 16-511
A2. LINK System COMFORT LINK HAZ16520T 16-520-T
A3. LINK System Impact Absorber HAZ16521 16-521
A4. LINK System Comfort Pad HAZ16522 16-522
A5. LINK System Head Harness Bracket and air Director HAZ16525 16-525
A6. LINK System Head Harness HAZ16531 16-531
A7. LINK System Ratchet Adjuster Assembly HAZ16530 16-530
A8. LINK System Head Harness Brow Pad HAZ16526 16-526
A9. LINK System Jaw with Lens Seal HAZ16514 16-514
A10. Z-LINK Visor HAZ16611 16-611
A11. Z-LINK Safety Lens - Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch HAZ16810 16-810
  Z-LINK Safety Lens Smoke Tinted - AF/AS HAZ16810ST 16-810-ST
  Z-LINK Safety Lens Yellow - AF/AS HAZ16810YT 16-810-YT
  Z-LINK Safety Lens IR Tinted Shade 5 HAZ16810IR5 16-810-IR5
A12. LINK System Side Padding System HAZ16520S 16-520-S
A13. LINK System Side Padding Frames HAZ16527 16-527
A14. LINK System Foam Side Pads HAZ16528 16-528
A15. LINK System Breathing Tube for PX4 AIR PAPR
  LINK System Breathing Tube for Supplied Air HANVZ830 04-830
A16. PX4 AIR PAPR and Belt HAP3901G 03-901
A17. PX4 Air Flow Tester HAPX404091 04-091
A18. Constant Flow Valve Assembly and Belt HANVT3101 03-101
A19. C40 Climate Control Assembly and Belt HLCCD3501 03-500
A20. Belt (For all except PX4) HLNV2022 NV2022
A21. RPB Quiet-Link Helmet Earmuffs HANVZ811 18-533


RPB Z-Link Lenses Options
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
B1. Z-LINK+ Welding Visor HANVZ16671 16-671
  Z-LINK+ Welding Visor w/ADF Lens HANVZ16670 16-670
B2. Z-LINK+ Welding Lens Retainer HANVZ16672 16-672
B3. Z-LINK+ Welding Impact Lens HANVZ16872 16-872
B4. Z-LINK+ ADF Lens HANVZ16871 16-871
B5. Z-LINK+ Rear ADF Lens HANVZ16873 16-873
B6. Z-LINK+ Welding Bisor Attachment Clip and Springs HANVZ16673 16-673
B7. Z-LINK+ Magnifying Lens Holder HANVZ16875 16-875
B8. Magnifying Lens 1.0 (107 x 51) HVNV13721 13-072-1
  Magnifying Lens 1.5 (107 x 51) HVNV137215 13-072-1.5
  Magnifying Lens 2.0 (107 x 51) HVNV13722 13-072-2
  Magnifying Lens 2.5 (107 x 51) HVNV137225 13-072-2.5


RPB Z-Link Cape Options
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
C1. Z-LINK Zytec Face Seal HANVZ16711 16-711
  Z-LINK Tychem QC Face Seal HANVZ16712 16-712
  Z-LINK Tychem SL Face Seal HANVZ16713 16-713
C2. Z-LINK Zytec Shoulder Cape HANVZ16721 16-721
  Z-LINK Tychem QC Shoulder Cape HANVZ16722 16-722
  Z-LINK Tychem SL Should Cape HANVZ16723 16-723


RPB Z-Link Comms Link Components
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
D1. Z-LINK COMMS LINK Communications System HAZL16922 16-922
D2. PTT OPCSNT913 09-913
D3. Z-LINK COMMS-LINK - Intrinsically Safe HAZL16921IS 16-921-IS
D4. PTT Intrinsically safe OPCSNT813 09-813
D5. Z-LINK COMMS-LINK Clip HAZL16529 16-529
D6. Two Pin HLNV09930 09-930
D7. Multi Pin HL09931 09-931
D8. Multi Pin OPCSNT932 09-932
D9. Two Pin HLNV09933 09-933
D10. Multi Pin HLNV09934 09-934
D11. One Pin HL09935 09-935


RPB Z-Link Air Hose Options
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
E1. 25 ft Air Supply Hose 3/8" AHB1025FQRPB NV2028
E2. 30 ft Air Supply Hose 3/8" AHB1050FQRPB NV2027
E3. 100 ft Air Supply Hose 3/8" AHB10100FQRPB NV2029
E4. Quick Release Coupler HLNV2025 NV2025