Climate Control Tube - Cooling

Part no. HLCCT4001

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The RPB climate cooling tube is built tough for the harsh blasting environments. No matter what the temperature of the incoming air, the unit can cool or heat for improved blaster comfort. Cooling: maximum decrease of 50°F (30°C). 


Provides cool air flow to respirator hoods, to provid improved blaster comfort and safety when subjected to harsh temperatures.


  • Rugged, compact design with serviceable components
  • Climatize Cooling Tubes will cool the air by as much as 50°F (30°C) 
  • Includes belt and buckle 
  • Use with AirFed Helmet Respirators, hoods, vests 
  • Blue/black tubes have BSP thread to suit current style Nova Helmet Respirators 
  • Blue/black tube has GHT thread to suit Bullard, APL and older style Nova Helmet Respirators 
  • Requires 30cfm to operate effectively


RPB Cool Tube Component Parts
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
1. Top Threaded Cap HLCCT4003 4000-03
2. Air Spinner HLCCT4004 4000-04
3. Body HL400005B 4000-05
4. 1/4" RPB Quick Disconnect Connector FBQPF04 4000-06
5. Breaker HLCCT4007 4000-07
6. Regulator Body HLCCT400810 4000-08
7. Spindle & Knob HLCCT4009 4000-09
8. Locking Screw HLCCT4010 4000-10
9. Heat Shield HLCCT4012 4000-12
10. Belt HLNV2022 NV2022