RPB GX4 Gas Monitor

Part no. APCMB8401

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The RPB® GX4™ is your solution to gas detection. With the ability to detect up to 4 gases and with traceability the GX4™ gives you perfect peace of mind. The GX4™ gas sensors come pre-calibrated and with built in Wi-Fi for connection to laptop, tablet, phone or a network to view real time data logs and much more.

Complete kit comes withwith 3 blank sensor cases, Carbon Monoxide sensor, air supply hose, power adapter pack, and mounting brackets


Lower levels of gases may not be fatal but ongoing exposure at low levels can accumulate into serious illness and long-term health problems. Early symptoms can be mistaken for the flu, headaches or tiredness.


  • Pre-calibrated Gas Sensors - last up to 2 years
  • Versatile mounting bracket
  • Robust power and push release air inlets
  • Univeral power options
  • NIOSH approved
  • Includes:
    • CO Cartridge set at 100ppm
    • alarm
    • air supply hose 
    • One-touch connector
  • View your air quality from any device. Connect GX4™ from your laptop, tablet, phone or via a network.
  • Can be mounted to a Radex Airline Filter, GX4™ carry case or to the wall

Component Parts Breakdown

GX4 Gas Monitor Component Parts
Item No. Description Part No. Mfg Part No.
1. GX4 Gas Monitor, Complete kit APCMB8401 08-401
2. Mounting Brackets (Pair) APCMB8425 08-425
3. Wall Mounting Bracket APCMB8231 08-231
4. Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) 10 ppm APCMB842001 08-420-01
  Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO) 5 ppm APCMB842002 08-420-02
  Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor (H2S) 10 ppm APCMB842003 08-420-03
  Oxygen Sensor (O2) 19.5-23.5% APCMB842004 08-420-04
5. Blank Cartridge APCMB8420 08-420
6. Air Supply Hose and One Touch Connector APCMB8428 08-428
7. M5 Inlet Filter, Sintered Brass APCMB8429 08-429
8. AC Adaptor and Power Cord APCMB8430 08-430
9. Power Cord HLBLL4PC 09-021
10. Battery Clips APCMB8431 08-431
11. AUX Cable, Bare Ends w/50ft Cable APCMB8434 08-434
12. AUX Strobe Light w/50ft Cable APCMB8435 08-435
  AUX Strobe Light w/Alarm & 50ft Cable APCMB8436 08-436
  AUX Field Install Jack APCMB8437 08-437
  Power Field Install Jack APCMB8438 08-438
13. Heavy Duty Field Case APCMB8424 08-424
14. Calibration Adaptor APCMB8450 08-450
15. Calibration Regulator Kit1.5slpm APCMB8451 08-451
16. 34L Zero Air Cylinder APCMG00 08-460
  Carbon Monoxide (CO) 200PPM Cylinder APCMG20 08-461
  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 20 PPM Cylinder APCMG30 08-462
17. Manifold Tube APCMB8422 08-422
18. Regulator Assembly APCMB8470 08-470