RPB PX4 PAPR Complete Unit

Part no. HAP3901G

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The RPB PX4 AIR PAPR is an air purifying respirator designed for optimum safety, portability and comfort for welding and painting operators who work in harsh environments.

The unit provides clean breathing air to the operator in a downward draft down their face to ensure clean, uninterrupted airflow, while simultaneously providing a relieving flow of cool air down the face of the operator.

It’s designed to meet the highest safety standards. It’s built to be extremely durable and is compatible with any of RPB safety respirators, including the Nova 3, Nova 2000, T-Link, T100, and Z-Link respirators.


The PX4 AIR PAPR is typically used in welding and painting operations to provide clean airflow for RPB Safety Industry Respirator. It boasts a portable design that allows the operator to move about the work site freely.


  • Meets NIOSH, CE, AND AS/NZS certified safety requirements
  • Quiet, efficient, multi-speed fan
  • Highly efficient filter cartridge for maximum air filtration
  • Lightweight build of 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
  • Ergonomic design to fit the contours of lower back
  • Audible and vibrating alarm when airflow dips below minimum requirements
  • LED lit control interface to communicate fan speed, battery life, and warnings
  • Long-lasting, lightweight, rechargeable lithium battery
  • Electronic calibration to ensure optimum airflow


PX4 AIR PAPR Components

Item No.DescriptionPart No.Mfg Part No.
1.PX4 Cover???03-922
2.PX4 Pre filter (Packet of 10)HANVZPX4398103-981
3.PX4 Spark ArrestorHANVZPX4398203-982
4.PX4 Main Door???03-921
5.PX4 High Efficiency FilterHANVZPX4398503-985
6.PX4 Latch Kit???03-923
6.PX4 Fan Housing???03-911
 PX4 Fan Housing - Low Flow (dk gray fan cover)???03-912
8.PX4 BatteryHANVZPX4395503-955
9.PX4 Belt Loop Kit???03-924
10.PX4 Belt Supports (Pair)???03-965
11.PX4 2" Belt and Nylon BuckleHANVZ0776507-765
 PX4 2" Nomex Belt and Acetyl Buckle???07-765-FR
12.PX4 Air Breathing Tube & Hose Clip (T100, Z100)???04-836
 PX4 Air Breathing Tube (Nova 3)HAP0483804-838
 PX4 Air Breathing Tube (Z3, T150)???04-839
 PX4 Air Breathing Tube (Z-LINK)HAZL04-83504-835
13.PX4 Air Flow Meter???04-091
14.PX4 Battery Charger???03-951
15.AC Power CableHLBLL4PC09-021
16.24 Volt Power Supply with Power CordHANVZ95203-952
17.PX4 Battery Charger and Power Supply Kit???03-950