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All Containment

Sandblasting makes a big mess. Choosing the correct Containment option for your jobsite is absolutely essential to ensure you are not polluting the environment or causing any hazardous air conditions for surrounding personnel or wildlife. 

Containment can range from plastic sheeting, cladding to Tarpaulins to Complete Encapsulation systems that you often see under bridges, around tanks, specifically water tanks. Or around buildings in residential areas. 

One of the most important reasons for Containment is in Lead Based Paint removal projects. When removing Lead, you need to ensure that your area is fully sealed and you have a Dust Collector, which is maintaining a negative pressure inside that Containment to ensure that no Lead escapes the atmosphere. Lead is highly hazardous and can give a person Lead Poisoning which leads to birth defects and bodily defects. 

BlastOne can custom design or custom print Containment Sheeting or custom make Tarpaulin Systems for blasting water tanks, bridges and much more. 
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