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BlastOne® Dust Collectors (also know as Dust Extractors) are specifically built for the abrasive blasting industry. The unique design boasts of the industries longest filter life, saving you money every day.
How do Dust Collectors work?

Dust laden air gets drawn into and travels down the duct work before entering into the dirty-air inlet plenum at the rear of the Dust Collector. Here the heavier particles drop out of the air stream as a result of a change in air pressure.

The air is then drawn through a large bank of specialized filter cartridges and dust is collected on the outside of the filter cartridge. The now filtered air passes through to the clean air plenum and is exhausted through the fan blower back into the atmosphere.

The build up of particles onto the different filter cartridges are continuously dislodged by a automatic reverse pulse jet. The dust particles then drop into the hopper of the collector and is transferred by a screw conveyor to a conveniently located dust outlet for easy transfer to receptacle for disposal.

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