60000 cfm Mobile Dust Collector

Part no. DFDC60000D

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The BlastOne 60K mobile dust collector unit is designed capture harmful air contaminants on blasting job sites and ensure safety for blasting operators in the field.

They provide 60,000 cfm of suction that pulls the contaminants from the job site through the filter cartridges. The dust on the cartridges is continuously dislodged by an automatic reverse pulse jet.

The Dust drops into the hopper of the collector and is transferred by a screw conveyor to a conveniently located dust outlet for easy transfer to a receptacle for disposal.


Dust collectors are used to provide ventilation inside containment structures to maintain operator safety and visibility.

This dust collector unit is typically used to provide ventilation in large job-sites ranging in sizes between 600 sq ft (when removing hazardous coatings like lead paint) to 750 sq ft (non-hazardous materials).

These units are designed to be mobile and run on bi-powered engines, allowing the unit to run on outside electrical power or from its in-built diesel engine.


  • 96 x High efficiency cartridges
  • Timed cycle reverse air pulse filter cleaning
  • Up to seven 24” air duct inlets
  • Air Flow : 16” w.g.
  • Provides 60,000 cfm of suction
  • Collects 99.99% of particles of 0.5 microns
  • Runs on diesel or electric power