Andreae High Efficiency Spray Booth Filter

Part no. SMBSWHE1000

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The Andreae High-Efficiency Filters are designed to capture any wet solids or liquid particles in an air stream: high solid enamels, baked and air dried enamels, glues, oils, stains, lacquers, fiberglass, epoxies, asphalts, clear coats, tar, teflon, etc. 
  • The v-shaped front wall prevents overspray bounce back and particle migration. 
  • The deeper v-shape back wall captures overspray and deposits it outside of the airflow. 
  • The filter exhaust holes are positioned to maintain constant airflow during the loading phase. 
  • Static pressure increases slowly with the accumulation of overspray resulting in uniform airflow.
Paint resistance filtration efficiency: 99.4%;  Dimensions: 1000mm x 7.2m x 1.0m; EPA Compliant.