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Formal training can often slip between the cracks when working under tight job deadlines.

Training shouldn’t be just a baton hand-off from the previous blaster or painter on their last day on the job.

BlastOne is determined to make quality training accessible to workers in the field, and raise the level of performance industry-wide.


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What is the difference between SSPC C6, C7 & C12 Training vs Train-the-Painter?

Many customers have asked us what the difference is between SSPC's C6, C7 & C12 Certification vs Train-the-Painter Training?

Training vs Certification

SSPC C6/C7/C12 is certification of blasters and sprayers. These courses have a minimum requirement of 800 hours of work experience before someone can take these classes.
Train-the-Painter allows a new blaster and painter to get the training they need to blast and paint correctly for the 800 hours before they come certified!

Upcoming Trainings
All trainings held at the BlastOne Corporate Training Center in Columbus.

Train the Painter


Applicator Module - TBA
Blasting Module - TBA
Spray Module - TBA


NACE Trainings


CIP Level 1 - December 15 - 20, 2019
CIP Level 2  - TBA

SSPC Trainings


C7 - November 4 - 5, 2019
C12 - November 6 - 7, 2019

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