Cost of Abrasive Blasting Calculator

Are you covering your costs? How do you estimate your sandblasting costs?

blasting garnetUsing the formula shown below will help you keep track of your costs and help you cover your expenses.

It's important to collect the following data:

  • Abrasive Consumption Rate (lbs/hr)
  • Abrasive Cost (delivered to site)
  • Cleanup/Disposal Cost
  • Blasting Labor Cost ($/hr)
  • Equipment Cost ($/hr)
  • Cleaning Production Rate (ft²/hr)


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The Calculator

Abrasive Cost (delivered to site)

Make sure you include the delivery cost

Abrasive Cleanup and Disposal

Includes cartage, landfill, etc.

Abrasive Consumption Rate

Blasting Labor Cost

Include holiday allowance, superannuation, WorkCover, etc

Equipment Cost

Compressor, blast unit, truck, power, fuel, insurance...

Cleaning Production Rate

Estimate this value if not completely sure

Your True Cost of Blast Cleaning (per ft²)

DISCLAIMER: The above calculator is only a guide and does not represent nor claim to be either a full or complete or accurate nor an approved or standard method of calculating blasting efficiency. It is the responsibility of the reader and/or users of this information to determine and verify each calculation as required in or by any work specifications and/or standards. Blast-One™ expressly disclaims any liability for the use or misuse of the above information.

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Selecting the wrong abrasive can greatly reduce your profit! We would be happy to consult with you to figure out if you are blasting in the most optimal way. Contact us today with any questions!