Silica Law for Construction

Protecting workers from the dangers of silica

On June 23 2016, the US Government finally put in place a new law to protect American workers from Silicosis. This was heralded as a major breakthrough for American workers by the industry. It was long overdue – Silicosis from blasting with Silica Sand has long been known to be a killer. It’s a bit like blasting with Asbestos.

The new silica law

On September 23, 2017 the OSHA Silica Law for Construction will be enforced.

To make this easy, BlastOne has developed a simple Conformance Workbook and Checklist to ensure you are in compliance.

39 year old father died of silicosis
"(Silicosis) took all five years to kill him. And we got to watch. The toughest thing was watching him come home when he couldn't work no more and literally fell on the ground and cried. He says, 'I can't do it no more.'"
- Tom Ward

Countries with Silica Sand Laws

The USA is not alone in this fight against Silicosis. These countries below have banned the use of silica sand:

  • United Kingdom banned blasting with Silica Sand in 1949
  • All the European Countries in 1966
  • Australia in 2002
  • Turkey in 2009
  • the list goes on…

The next Asbestos?

Silica litigation is increasing steadily, says Gerald Matics, editor of "Mealey's Silica Litigation Report." Mealey Publications, based in King of Prussia, Pa., tracks federal and state litigation in over 50 areas, including asbestos and silica. The company also tracks anything related to such litigation, such as medical studies, how o