Abrasive Recovery Solutions

For fast recovery and clean up.

Abrasive recovery is to lower the cost of consumables during a surface preparation project. By collecting the spent abrasive, and cleaning and filtering out contaminants, the abrasive may then be reused up to five or more times depending on the abrasive media. Collection of spent abrasive via either a vacuum or gravity feed system are the most common solutions to abrasive recovery.

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Blastroom and chamber recovery solutions

In a blasting room or chamber, the recovery system is generally incorporated into the floor of the structure. The recovery system collects the abrasive and transports it to a central holding area from which it can then be process for either recycling or disposal.

Solutions for On-site recovery

On a blasting job site, the abrasive must be recovered out of the tank or structure that you are blasting before you can paint, typically this is via vacuum recovery. There are two main types of vacuum recovery systems.

Grit Recycling trailers

These are predominately used in the bridge and water tank industry, where the contractor is blasting with steel grit and they vacuum up all the steel grit constantly throughout the project.

VacuLoad systems

these systems are designed to remove the abrasive out of the blasting area and collect it in a dropout hopper ready for disposal.

Clean up at projects end.

When blasting a large structure, like a ship section, or a container type structure, like a dump truck or tank, there will be the necesity to have a solution for removing the spent abrasive.  Equipment like the Vacuload Series  working in tandom with a reoom recovery or recycling solution can effectlively half the man hours required in comparrison to the convention broom and shovel.