Abrasive Recycling Facility Solution

What are the different abrasive media recycling system on the marketing that are available for integration with blasting chambers.

One of the main reasons that companies install a blastroom is for the ability to save money by recycling their abrasive and abrasive recyclers are key components to optimizing the performance of a blastroom. By separating the dust, fines and trash from the still usable good abrasive it is possible to reuse different types of abrasive repeatedly many times.

There are several different systems that can be used for recycling and cleaning of the abrasive.

Gravity Fed Classifier

The most highly recommend abrasive recovery type that offers the superior cost proficiency of the available options.

The abrasive classifier unit is used in conjunction with a bucket elevator and an underfloor recovery system. The bucket elevator and recovery system brings the abrasive up to the abrasive classifier which then utilizes a 'winnowing' principle to remove all the dust and waste.

The winnowing is a constant metered flow of air which passes through a curtain or ‘waterfall’ of abrasive under gravity, this carries the dust out to the dust collector and the fines are separated into another drum/skip. The good abrasive falls back into the storage hopper over the blast pot, ready to be used again. It is hard to think of any disadvantages with this system; wear is low because of low air velocities, fines are not loading up the dust collector, they are falling into a separate drum; the best thing is that you can achieve a high class of separation. Very little dust will find its way back into the blast pot, reducing dust levels within the blast room, and you will not be disposing good abrasive.

You can adjust it simply so that you can keep abrasive which has broken up but is still useful, or increase the airflow a little and it will return only larger particles to the blast pot.

Other Types of Abrasive Recyclers

Magnetic Separation

This system separates particles according to their magnetic properties. A Magnetic Separator is often added on as an addition to a gravity fed abrasive classifier, when the blastroom will be using a combination of steel grit and non-ferrous abrasives like Garnet. The Abrasive will enter the magnetic chamber after been cleaned by the abrasive classifier and this will be used to separate the steel grit from the non-ferrous abrasive. The abrasive will then be deposited back into two separate storage hoppers, ready for re-use.

Cyclonic Separation

With cyclonic separation, particles are separated according to weight by spinning them thru a cylinder, the abrasive is sucked up by a pneumatic pipe to a cyclone separator, it enters at high velocity and spins around the cyclone losing speed and dropping down out of the generally high velocity air area and settles at the bottom where it is stored ready to load back into the blast pot. Fines and dust, however, are carried by the flow of air away from the circumference of the cyclone into an adjustable (usually) opening in the center onto the dust collector.

The high velocity of abrasive and dust particles are the reason for hear wear and care needs to be taken to make regular inspections of wear plates.

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