Blastroom Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Size of the blasting systems effect the blasting application.

No matter how sophisticated you make it, you will only blast as fast and as long as your blast equipment will allow. Due to the blasting equipment determining the installations productivity and efficiency for its running life of up to or over 20 years a 5 to 10% efficiency improvement can save significantly company money.

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Two Key Questions when purchasing blast equipment for a blastroom

1. What abrasive media will be used within the blasting chamber.

Abrasive type matters because of the bulk density and particle size of different abrasives. As an example lets look at a small 6.5 cuft pot that will typically last:

You always want your pot to be able to blast for one hour with all blasters going, before having to refill.

2. How many blasting operators will be using the facilities?

Calculate how many blasters you will have in your blast room in the next 2-3 years. We recommend that you always have one spare outlet in case you need to do maintenance on another outlet or employ another blaster. Having a spare outlet means you can "hot-swap" if one outlet goes down.

Use High Flow Equipment and Valves

Many blasting operators don’t realize that 3 out of 4 blast pot manufacturers use air valves that have restricting elements and elbows inbuilt into their products. This causes pressure loss, which will always hinder your productivity and blasting speed.

Rule of thumb: 1psi pressure loss = 1.5% efficiency

This means that a poorly manufactured Air Valve worth $200, which loses 3psi, can reduce the output of your entire blast/paint facility by 5%.

Pressure hold versus pressure release handle?

It is always recommend to include a pressure hold system for a blastroom, as it has a 2 second start up and shut down, rather than 6-7 seconds. This allows the blaster to stop blasting and move to another position with minimum down time.

Pressure release systems depressurize the blast pot every time the blaster releases the deadman handle. They can only be used with one blaster, and only beneficial if the pot isn’t lasting very long, as the pot can refill whenever the pot is depressurized.

Many blasters report only get 12 minutes out of a pot of slag.

Use an air dryer not a moisture separator

Most blast machines come standard with a small moisture separator. These separators become pressure loss traps within 2-3 months, if we see them, we always say “Rip them out”. However, the benefit of dry air cannot be overstated.

Instead of a moisture separator industry recommend that you buy a separate air dryer that is specifically designed to remove moisture from blasting air. The same pressure losses can be found with aftercoolers built into compressors – we have seen brand new IQ Compressors units losing 15psi out of the “IQ” side of the compressor.

Superior Know-How

Learn more about the different components that go into a successful blast chamber by checking out the extra reading below.
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