Decontamination Systems

Don't take the filth home with you.

Proper Decontamination of workers on a hazardous blasting site is becomeing a bigger issue every year.

Workers are required to shower and put on clean clothes everytime they leave the containment on a hazardous site. Typically the Shower Trailer or area is attached to the containment so all hazardous dust is keep in a controlled area. the Worker will enter into a decontamination area, trailer, or other style of chamber where they will remove all potentially contaminated clothing (shoes, jackets, pants, etc.). Once the clothing has been removed and placed into a waste collection bin, the worker continues into a wash-down area where they shower. Finally they will enter the locker room where they can put on their clean clothes and proceed out from the contaminated area.

Purpose behind decontamination of personnel

When working with hazardous materials, like during a lead-based paint removal project, workers on the site can be exposed to a multitude of dangerous substances. These hazardous substances can settle onto clothing and other equipment then be transferred to the workers skin as they leave the site.

Decontamination allows for the worker to remove contaminated clothing and wash thoroughly before exiting, lowering the chance of the worker and their family becoming sick or ill after they have finished working for the day.

Projects that include the removal of Lead based paints, or when working with toxic chemicals (refer to Safety Datasheets [SDS] supplied with chemicals to be aware potential risks) that can potential be absorbed through the respiratory and digestive system. It is then critical to remove any contaminated clothes and wash immediately after existing the exposed work area. This is highly important especially before consuming any food or water.

Portable decontamination trailer units.

A range of Decontamination units are currently are available for purchase or rent.