Dust Collection Systems

Collecting every particle before it escapes.

Dust collection units are an important component for blasting site environmental and personnel safety. The removal of dust and other hazardous air particles protects the employees on site, while also preventing harmful contaminates from escaping into the atmosphere without relying on personal respiratory equipment alone.

Blasting project sites that include containment measures, like scaffold and sheeting or a fully engineered blasting facilities experience, during blasting, that abrasive particle and coating dust will build up within the containment area and seriously reduce visibility and healthy breathable air. Installation and implementation of dust extraction units with high quality filtration system are the solution for overcome these hazards conditions.

Why Use A Dust Collectors?

There is growing environmental concern with the dust generated by abrasive blasting. Many older coatings contain a high percentage of lead which when pulverized into powder by abrasive blasting can form a hazardous and toxic dust. Company legal obligations on project site are now requiring that a full dust tight containment structure encapsulates all blasting operations to minimize the danger to personnel and the environment.

A dust collector is used to provide ventilation inside containment structures in order to maintain operator visibility and maintain the encapsulated area under a negative pressure. It is also important to dilute the levels of hazardous substances in the air within the contained area to levels below the minimum requred protection factor for personnel with the blasting operation and respirators equipment limitations.