Personnel Lifts for Blast & Paint Booths

Exit Ladders, Enter Personnel Lifts

Increase your productivity and foster a safer work environment with personnel lifts

Personnel lifts, also called man lifts, are commonly installed and used in blast rooms, spray booths and preparation booths where work is performed on larger objects.

Personnel lifts are designed to replace the use of ladders in your blast and paint facilities. Ladders are one of the most common workplace hazards. By replacing them with personnel lifts, you can help to significantly increase safety for blast and paint operators.

In addition to safety, personnel lifts can provide a significant improvement in job efficiency. Without the need to deal with cumbersome ladders, the job can get done much more quickly and with higher quality, since the operator can more easily access all corners and angles.

Industrial Facilities

Learn more about how BlastOne is leading the industry with the latest technology in blast rooms and paint booths.

Customer Testimonial

"We chose WALL-MAN personnel lifts for several reasons: it’s safe to use in hazardous environments, it has low maintenance and operating costs, and it is easy to use for the operator. The WALL-MAN platform increases both productivity and job safety. We are very pleased with quality of the product and highly recommend it to any business"

Morgan Trucks  - Morgantown, PA

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