3 considerations when buying an Air Spray Gun




The success of any project depends largely on the tools a contractor uses. Using the wrong tool or an inferior tool, will always compromise job quality – and perhaps the most crucial tool in a Painters Kit, is their Air Spray Gun.

Here are the top 3 considerations when choosing the correct gun:


Tip #1 The nature of the coating

With each project, you should reference the recommendations in the Coating Data Sheet. Manufacturers recommend equipment to match the specific needs of applying their coatings.

For example, zinc coatings require abrasion resistance components due to the abrasive nature of the coating. Among the suitable guns for spraying zinc coatings includes the Graco AirPro with an optional high wear tungsten carbide needle nozzle combination.

Tip #2 The desired finish

Another consideration is What type of finish are you aiming for?

If you're aiming for a high-quality automotive finish, there are guns to suit this type of coating. If you're looking for industrial coating in a harsh environment, robustly built guns are available for this type of spraying.

The key differentiating factor between an automotive and an industrial spray-gun set-up is the size of the needle-nozzle combination.

For example, fine finish (automotive) applications the typical needle-nozzle set-up is 1.4- 1.8mm (55-70 thou).

Medium to Heavy Industrial combinations start at 1.8mm and commonly go up to 2.8mm (which becomes 70-110 thou). Some brands have even larger sizes. The Graco AirPro previously recommended is capable of spanning this entire spectrum from 1.4mm to 2.8mm.

Tip #3 Ease of maintenance

A final consideration in choosing the right Air Spray Gun is the ease with which you can both clean and repair the inner components. Replacing the inner needle is something all contractors who use an air gun will face at some point. And therefore, finding a brand that works with your levels of patience and mechanical competence will be well worth the initial research before buying a brand.

Once again, we recommend taking a look at the Graco AirPro which is simple to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance and offers both a unique PEEK tip or stainless steel need tip for easy replacement.


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