4 tips to reduce overspray




Overspray is a common issue every painting contractor faces, so here are four simple tips to reduce paint waste while spraying.

Tip 1

Always spray at the lowest possible pressure that will still effectively atomize the paint. The higher the pressure, the more the overspray you will create.

Tip 2

Heat your paint. Heating your paint makes it flow more evenly, which, in turn, allows you to reduce the spraying pressure required to get an even and aesthetically pleasing film build.

Tip 3

When spraying outside, if possible, spray vertically. This is because, when outside, the wind typically comes horizontally across your surface. Simply spraying the other way means less of your paint is getting hit by the wind.

Tip 4

Spray perpendicular to the surface that you are spraying. Spraying at an angle will tend to blast away the coating and create larger amounts of overspray.


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