Communicating with operators during your project doesn't have to be a challenge

An audio communication system can improve your safety and efficiency.


Communication on blasting or painting jobs can be extremely difficult due to onsite noise and distance between workers. This problem escalates even further when a blaster needs to communicate to a pot attendant, and their only way to do so is by banging the end of the nozzle against a wall of the tank or somehow yelling above the noise of the work site.

How can you improve communication?

Audio communication systems can be implemented into existing blast helmets to allow blasters to speak with each other, the pot attendant can speak to the foreman to make the blasting progress significantly more efficient.

A communication system also allows operators to blast continuously without interruptions and increase productivity by up to 21%

If you're looking to improve communication and safety on your job site, consider adding a communication system to your blast helmet.

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