Meter your abrasive to achieve the correct flow


Among professional blasters there’s a debate as to how much “metering” will result in the highest productivity. Some believe extra abrasive hitting the surface results in a faster profile. Others think it doesn’t matter.

So who's right? Let's look into this further...

What if I use too much abrasive?

If the metering valve is open too far, it means that valuable abrasive is being wasted, cleaning efficiency is lowered and, as a result, it can cut into your profits.

This is due to the amount of abrasive in the airflow decreasing the exit velocity of the particles at the nozzle.

What if I don't use enough abrasive?

If the metering valve is closed too far, it means that the restricted abrasive flow coming from the blast nozzle isn't packing enough punch to complete the job in a timely manner.

The job takes longer to complete, reducing the operations overall daily output and wasting valuable resources such compressor fuel, wear and tear and electricity costs. The system is not being used at its ideal capacity.  

How should I adjust the metering valve to visually achieve the ideal mix?

Once your blaster is running and the dead-man trigger is on, observe the abrasive flow coming out of your nozzle. If you see a lot of color in the air flow, it means there’s too much abrasive (and not enough air) in the mixture.

This means that your abrasive metering valve is open too far. An efficient air/abrasive mixture will be only slightly visible, appearing as a colored haze in the air stream.

To reduce the amount of abrasive you will need to wind down the metering valve until you achieve the desired mist of abrasive and air.

Getting the settings right will give you optimal blasting performance.


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