Airless hose sizing is critical

Often the selection of an airless hose is based on cost or ease of use

Using an incorrectly sized airless hose can result in burst failures or a decrease in productivity.

The most flexible hose may not always be the safest

Tips to help you select the right hose

  • The pressure rating of the hose should always be higher than the maximum output of the pump. For example, a 60:1 airless pump can produce 6000psi – so the spray hose must be greater than 6000psi rating.
  • If flexibility is an issue, use a smaller ID whip hose between the gun and the main hose.
  • Never use a hose longer than 3 feet (900mm) with the correct pressure rating - consult your BlastOne representative.
  • Spray with a large as practical ID hose - When you increase the size of you paint hose, you decrease pressure loss and improve flow.
  • Check the pressure rating on your airless hose to ensure you know the maximum pressure it can withstand.

All airless hoses are manufactured with a bust rating safety factor to ensure that, in an emergency, the hose will cope with being over pressurized. An airless hose has a 4:1 safety factor, so for example, at 7,250 psi the hose will take up to 29,000 psi.

The construction of an airless hose consists of two variables - rayon braid and wire braid. Rayon braid, for example, can only be utilized up to 3,500 psi

View the related Tip of the Trade and use our online chart to help select the correct airless hose for your project.

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