An uneven spray pattern can hinder your performance

There are many contributing factors which can cause a blocked or restricted airless hose


Factors which could hinder spray pattern consistency

  • Incorrect tip selection
  • Inadequate pressure
  • Airless pump could be sucking in air
  • Blocked filter mesh
  • Too many spray lines attached
  • The material to be sprayed could be too thick
  • Spray hose ID is too small
  • Tip size

A contaminated spray pump, lines and gun are all contributing factors for atomization.

Remember: The most important consideration is the volume solids, which determines pump size.

Always consider the volume solids and viscosity of a product prior to application. Always consult the product data sheet for the respective product as this defines the appropriate spray application and spray tip sizing. Product data sheets are only a guide.

It pays to do a regular check on your spray pattern to prevent future downtime, and to keep production at its peak.

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