Are moisture traps causing you pressure loss?

Check if you have a restrictive moisture separator on your blast pot

On the inlet to the Blast Pot, it's quite common to see a Moisture Separator to try and remove a bit of the moisture that comes through from the Air Compressor. It's important to get that moisture out. The problem is that a lot of the filters that are used as Moisture Separators were designed as filters and not so much Moisture Separators.

The problem with filters

Filters work by spinning the air and then forcing the air through a fine filter element, which removes the dust. Once they become clogged up with dust, they can cause a real problem in restricting the amount of air flow that goes through. And it really decreases blasting speed.

We have measured up to 18 psi pressure loss just through Moisture Separators

How do you check for pressure loss?

It's easy to measure with a Nozzle Pressure Gauge Kit. You can measure the pressure loss through the Blast Pot. You can also remove the bowl on the bottom of the Moisture Separator and take the filter out. And get an increase in production that way.

The solution

To completely get rid of that Moisture Separator you can use a High Performance BlastOne Air Prep Air Dryer and see your performance climb.


Don't let a restrictive Moisture Separator hold your production back.

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