Are undersized couplings causing you pressure loss?

Pressure loss from undersized couplings greatly impacts the efficiency of a blasting project

The advantage of using large bore hoses and hose fittings is a reduction of gasket and coupling wear. MegaMax couplings have a larger coupling gasket with larger bores which maintains volumetric air to the blast nozzle, will spend abrasive correctly, maintains profile and reduces labor intensity.

By fitting Mega Max couplings to blast hoses which have an ID greater than 1 1/4" (32mm) it will increase the airflow with no restrictions.



  • Mega couplings are for larger blast pots
  • 2 inch bull hoses are mandatory for free flow air
  • Check the compressor CFM to ensure you've selected the correct equipment.

View the hose coupling identification chart to identify the common types of hose couplings available from BlastOne.


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