Ensuring blasters have safe breathing air, just became fool proof



When you’re serious about safety, you’ll implement the safest procedures and equipment. If they don’t exist…. you’ll invent them! That’s the reputation of RPB.

Further proof of RPB’s commitment to safety is their recent product - the RZ System which basically makes it impossible to connect a wrong line into your respirator. Inspired by a blaster who tragically connected their respirator to shop air, RPB developed the RZ System to insure that accident could never happened again.

The system has a central hub with specifically designed male and female couplings, making it impossible to cross-connect CO and respiratory lines – or connect any other non-compliant hose to the system. The hub allows for up to 5 blasters as well as the unique CO monitor coupling.


  • Guarantees that your workers only connect to a certified breathing air source
  • Ensures that the whole breathing air system is NIOSH compliant
  • Makes breathing air safety an easier process for your company




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Never worry again about your breathing air!

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