Check for salt in your abrasive

Avoid coating failure caused by contamination by checking the abrasive for salt.

High levels of chloride ions (salt) in your abrasive can contaminate your blasted surface and cause flash rusting and premature coating failure. It is important to test the salt content in your blast abrasive prior to blasting to avoid having to re-blast the surface, or worse still, costly rework of the whole project.

How can you test for salt?
The Chlor*Test Chloride Test Kit is an abrasive test that can be easily performed in the field in a few minutes. The test can be used with any common abrasive blast media.

By performing a Chlor*Test Chloride Test you can confirm and be assured that you won’t be introducing chloride ions (salt) to your blast surfaces. You can have peace of mind that you abrasive will contribute towards a high quality coating system.

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