Choosing the correct size compressor is important

Consider all the factors when choosing a compressor for your project

If an air compressor is undersized for a blasting project it can result in loss of profits for the contractor. This is why selecting the correct compressor size is so important.

When selecting a compressor a number of factors need to be considered, such as how much air is required per blast nozzle, breathing air for blasters, air tools, air dryers etc

Overstating the air a compressor can supply is the biggest trap

For example, a compressor might state that you'll get 800 cfm at 150 psi but the best you'll get 120 psi. Remember: 1 psi pressure less = 1.5% efficiency loss.

A bigger compressor might cost more to rent and use more diesel but the increase in blasting efficiency far exceeds the extra cost.

Insist on using a big compressor!

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