Completing your daily maintenance schedule has never been easier!

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Have you missed scheduled maintenance only to have a piece of equipment fail on the job? Equipment and employee safety could be compromised if daily checks are delayed or skipped.

Maintenance checks should be completed prior to work commencing every day. This means that possible faults, wear and other safety problems could be identified before potential damage is caused.

To maximise productivity you need to ensure the safety of workers.

Always consider the environment, your impact and what you may leave behind from poorly maintained equipment, such as oils and and contaminated water.

Incorporate the BlastOne daily component and risk assessment checklist in to your daily start up routine to monitor maintenance, performance and compliance. Take the checklist on site to complete your daily checks and ensure your work area and blast equipment and are complying with safety standards.

The FREE BlastOne daily component and work risk assessment checklist is available for download for blasting and painting projects.

Download the spray painting pre-check and daily component checklist

Download the blasting pre-check and daily component checklist

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