Get a faster response with an electric deadman system

Do you want a 5x faster deadman response time when blasting with long hose lengths?

Do you find that when you are blasting and running long hose lengths, the response time of your pneumatic deadman system takes longer? This is due to the time it takes for the pneumatic signal to travel all the way to the deadman handle and then all the way back to the valves on the blast pot to activate.

Minimizing the time it takes from when you activate your Deadman Handle to when the blasting stops is critical to your safety and others around you.

When to use an electric deadman system

For instantaneous remote control operation the electric deadman system is recommended for use when pneumatic control lines exceed 100 ft (30 m).

An electric deadman can give you 5x faster response!

The quality of the valves on the blast pot can make the biggest difference in response time. So remember to check your blast pot valves before investing in an electric deadman system.

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