How to fill blast pots with bulk bag abrasives



Currently, the common solution to filling blast pots from abrasive bulk bags generally requires a shovel or bucket.  However, a new cross-over product from the agricultural industry is making it extremely simple to refill pots from bulk bags themselves! It also offers workers extra protection from placing themselves directly beneath the crushing elevated bags.


Fled Bag Abrasive dispensers attach to the bottom of the bulk bag and uses a simple manual valve to open and close the stream of flowing abrasive.  Available in two styles, the Fled Bag Dispenser is simple to use, requiring only a bag rack or forklift to elevate the abrasive.

The dispensers assist companies in optimising both productivity and safety. The spiked version can pierce the bag near corners (as opposed to the bottom center) which further keep workers from placing themselves beneath the dangerous, heavy load.

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