Finish your 5 day project in 4 days


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There are various situations when you may need to complete your blast and paint project sooner than scheduled, such as weather forecast of rain, snow or extreme heat.


3 tactics to blast faster!

#1 Give your workers an incentive - Foreman: "Rain is coming in 4 days, so blasters if you can complete this job to the same high quality in 3 you'll all receive a bonus"

Operators "Wow! Let's get to work!

This may mean that operators may need to put in extra hours to complete the job earlier but they'll achieve an extra day off - that's worth it!

Gift cards, cartons of beer or an extra day off are all great incentives.

#2 Use a dehumidifier - Dehumidification of a job means you can blast the entire surface area and it won't flash rust before you paint it.

#3 Insist on GMA Garnet - GMA is the proven fastest abrasive for blasting new steel and removing existing coatings. GMA garnet is guaranteed to save you money!

Need to finish your blast or paint job faster than expected?

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