Guarantee your blasted surface is free of salt




If you’re a NACE or SSPC Coating Inspector – or simply have been set the task of GUARANTEEING that the blasted surface is free of salt and ready to paint, you'll love this! Issues cause by chlorides blistering paint after it's been applied to the surface can be eliminated with the DeFelsko SST.

Using this device makes your job easy, the days of manually using sticky patches and cleaning up that horrible residue are long gone!

Why is the DeFelsko SST superior to previous salt test kits?

This device contains a flexible and removable latex patch called a PosiPatch. This patch is removable, reusable and won't leave sticky residue on the surface. The patch simply attaches magnetically to the steel surface so you can add the reagent through the bottom, massage and take the reagent out. The style of the SST enables vertical, horizontal and obscure location readings.

The reagent is then taken and placed into the DeFelsko SST probe to achieve a reading. The device also allow you to store all your readings digitally in the cloud so you'll never lose a reading again.

The syringe features a plastic needle which enables the reagent to safely inserted and withdrawn from the PosiPatch without causing any harm to your skin. They will also conform to site regulations which may prohibit sharp needles on-site.

The DeFelsko SST also allows you to take readings of your abrasive on-site before use.

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Don't let salt be your downfall

Avoiding salt on your blasted profile is crucial to a successful coating life. Talk to us about ways you can check for salt contamination before you apply your coating.