Hose Length For Vertical Blasting Projects



Blasting on higher surfaces

When mist blasting on a surface higher than the equipment, the unspent abrasive and mist in the hose will return back down the hose. This could cause problems by interfering with the internal plumbing of the blast pot. The hose and Thompson valve may become clogged. This is an issue as the Thompson valve is for dry abrasive only, so any water that finds it's way into the valve could cause damage.

Having an excess length of hose on the ground will allow the unspent abrasive and mist to spread out along this length of hose. This length of blast hose on the ground should be equal to 10-20% of the height.

For example: When blasting 50 feet (15 meters) straight up, use at least 10 feet (3 meter) of blast hose on the ground before the blast hose goes up to the blasting height.


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