How much deliquescent does an AirDryer use



We're answering the question that is often asked in the industry – how much deliquescent does an AirDryer use? And how often should we refill it?

Deliquescent dryers are used by professional blasters who are serious about high production blasting. Using dry air blasters are able to rid themselves of moisture clogging up the abrasive in their pot, saving them from countless daily headaches.

How much deliquescent will an AirDryer use?

We have created a table with some very rough numbers of what you can expect to use per day, depending on the airflow and ambient air temperatures. There is many variables that can change these results, so this is just a rough guide.

An example is if you are running a 1600cfm AirDryer, you will use 1lb of deliquescent per hour. On a 65 degree day, on a 85 degree day it will double to 2lbs of deliquescent per hour, and on a 105 degree day you will use 4lbs per hour To give the benefit of this in a single warm day a 1600 air dryer can remove up to 120 gallons of water

What is Deliquescent Desiccant?

Deliquescent Desiccant is a drying agent that dissolves and is used to remove moisture from air to ensure that it doesn’t enter into your blast pot and clog up your abrasive. Using an air dryer with a blasting system will save you 15% of your abrasive – guaranteed!

Dry-O-Lite Deliquescent Desiccant will lower the dewpoint in the blasting air 20 degrees, which will be about 10 degrees below the ambient temperature. This will be enough to ensure that you don’t get moisture in your blasting system. This dewpoint can be easily checked using a Defelsko Dew Point meter.

How does the Deliquescent Desiccant work in an AirDryer?

Say it’s a nice hot 85 degree day, the air coming out of your compressor could be about 250 degrees. If you have a correctly sized aftercooler with a fan on your air dryer, the air will exit the aftercooler cooled to only 10 degrees warmer then the ambient temperature. This means that entering the tank, we have 95 degree air. The wet air enters the lower portion of the vessel and flows upward through the bed of deliquescent desiccant which will absorb the humidity and moisture and the liquid will be drained periodically out the bottom. The dried air then comes out the top and through a final separator that contains a demister pad to catch any final water droplets that may have formed.

To finally achieve all this you will need to ensure that you keep your air dryer in good working order.

  • Use a correctly sized air dryer
  • Ensure air motor/fan is operating correctly and is getting its oil regularly
  • Ensure the Air Dryer is topped up with Deliquescent regularly
  • Ensure the tank is drained of water very regularly, at least daily.


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