How to spray high solid coatings easier

How can you spray tough epoxy coatings successfully in cooler weather?

When you have cool weather and a 97% solids coating which is not recommended to be thinned, what is the best way to achieve an even spray pattern? If you have a 20 minute pot life there are a few options:

A gravity feed hopper. This will feed the coating into the sprayer. Sprayers are efficient in pushing at high pressure but require assistance to suck paint into the sprayer.

A larger airless spray hose. Using half inch hose will make a big difference to your productivity as you get less pressure loss.

An inline high pressure heater after the spray pump. A 15 degree C (60 degree F) temperature rise will make a huge difference when spraying.

There are many other factors to consider when spraying tough coatings, such as pump size, tip size, filters, solvents, cleaning and flushing etc.

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