Is humidity causing you to 'lose the blast'?

Is humidity causing your newly blasted steel to sweat or 'ginger off' before you can paint it?

The reason relative humidity is a critical factor is because the substrate surface could become vulnerable to corrosion such as flash rusting. Ideally, relative humidity should be kept below 50%. If your conditions are higher than 50% you could benefit from a dehumidifier. By using a DH unit (dehumidifier) you can hold the blast for days, as long as you keep the air dehumidified.

Different machines are available for hot, humid conditions as well as a cooler climate.
For example, on a tank project using dehumidification, you can blast the entire tank and then clean up the whole area and then paint the whole tank at once. This saves so much time as you are not stopping and starting to repeat the blast and paint processes each day.

A contractor saved 3 days on a 7 day project using dehumidification.

So, when humidity is high, consider using a dehumidifier.

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