Is noise a problem in your operation

How can you ensure your equipment and worker safety is within an acceptable noise limit?


Noise pollution is a common problem that many job sites face daily. Penalties can apply if work sites don't meet the regulations set by states, territories or countries. Job sites also need to make sure to comply with health and safety requirements designed to control noise exposure for their workers.

It is important to consider how much noise the equipment selected for your project will emit. This includes equipment such as blast pots, dust collectors, spray machines and blast rooms.

How to reduce work site noise

There are ways to reduce the noise emitted from your work site. For example, by installing mufflers to equipment or acoustic curtains or acoustic sheeting.

Regarding health and safety, it's recommended that all worker exposure to noise is limited to 85 decibels for a maximum of 8 hours to minimize noise-induced hearing loss. Blast helmets, spray hoods and ear muffs with inner padding can assist in reducing noise hazards.

Always consider the environment and the other trades on site if you intend to make excessive noise.

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