Long hose blasting


When you're running more than 65'-130' (20-40 meters) of blast hose you want to retain the same level of productivity you'd experience when running shorter lengths of hose.


How do you increase productivity when running long lengths of blast hose?

As air can be restricted over long lengths of blast line your typical 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" (32mm) blast hose aren't large enough to manage the large volumes of air needed to run the full length of the hose to the operator.

So you need to increase the size of your blast hose to a 2" (50mm) blast hose. This will take the full air volume and pressure from the blast machine and carry the abrasive to the operator.

Using a larger size blast hose will allow you to run up to 250'-350' (80-100 meters) of hose without restrictions. This size blast hose can be used right up until you make the connection to the whip hose, where the blast nozzle is.

The velocity of abrasive and productivity remains exactly the same as if we had only 65' (20 meters) of blast hose connected. This makes the project fast, safe and effective but als means that you can keep on budget.


Check your hose pressure

To maintain pressure throughout the blasting process test the pressure along your blast hose. These tests should be completed at intervals along the length of the blast hose starting at the blast pot and then every 50 feet (15 meters) along the hose.

Remember: every 1 psi you can increase your nozzle pressure is 1.5% increase in production.

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