Maintaining a safe worksite


When a worksite is outside your yard, you need to ensure the public is kept safe and away from danger. This can be achieved by constructing a cyclone fence.

But would your worksite pass a safety check if inspectors visited your site tomorrow?

Here are four safety components which can help you maintain a safe worksite.

1. Containment Solutions

Construction sites require a wrap sheet around the structure to allow workers to complete their projects without exposing the outside environment to any airborne contamination produced from the jobsite.

Containment sheeting needs to be rigid and well fixed to the construction to allow the dust collector or ventilation fans to extract dusty air safely.

2. Breathing Air Protection

Make sure your workers are protected by operator safety equipment. Operators need a breathing air system that filters out any oils and indicates the presence of dangerous gases coming from the compressor’s air supply. Gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are very dangerous to inhale. For example, carbon monoxide (also known as the ‘Silent Killer’) can turn your respiratory system into involuntary shutdown within 2 minutes.

BlastOne offers a range of respiratory solutions here.

3. Safe Equipment Arrangement

Worksite space restrictions are often a problem for site workers who can't find enough space on the work site for all the needed equipment, like Dust Collectors, Mega Blasters, Vacuum Recovery Systems and even vehicles.

On pages 272-273 in the BlastOne Catalog, there is an illustration of the correct layout a project worksite, including containment sheeting and equipment arrangement. A properly laid out worksite should also ensure that emergency services can gain access to your worksite if required.

4. Visitor Management

Visitors, such as inspectors and specifiers, are common on worksites, and they also need to be kept safe while on site. An excellent way to ensure visitors are made aware of site and requirements and any mandatory Personal Protective Equipment is by requiring visitors to register at a sign-in desk before entering the worksite.

Especially at some sites where the coating being removed may contain hazardous elements, it is highly important that the visitors are made aware that specific PPE is required, such as overalls, gloves, respiratory system and eyesight protection.

By following these four safety components you are on your way to maintaining a safe worksite.

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