2 tips to make mixing high viscosity coatings easier




This is part 1 of 3 Insights geared toward painters dealing with the problem associated with high viscosity/high volume solid coatings.

Today’s Insight is about MIXING these difficult materials... and we have 2 very simple tips to overcome these challenges and de-frustrate your work life.

Tip #1

The drums in which the coatings are held can be inverted before mixing. This allows those heavy solids that settle at the bottom of the drum to be dispersed more evenly through the base material.

Tip #2

We recommend this in combination with Tip #1. If the coating is suitable, it can be pre-heated. This reduces the viscosity and in turn makes mixing easier. We recommend using heated drum clamps or simply moving the paint into a warmer part of the building the night before.

There you have it – 2 easy tips to make your mixing job easier.

Also remember these other handy paint suggestions:

  • Store paint on pallets, not directly on concrete floor.
  • Check batch numbers against date as pack a and b’s have expiry dates and can effect mixing.
  • Over mixing can cause aeration of the coating. Data sheets sometimes contain specific mixing instructions.


Finally, we want to know what questions, challenges, and problems you’re facing, either with blasting or painting, that we may be able to solve.

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Don't forget to wear PPE during paint preparation

It is important to protect your respiratory system even during the paint mixing process. BlastOne can recommend the correct Personal Protective Equipment for your job.