Calculate your abrasive cost using the Navy formula


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Cheaper abrasive doesn't always save you money!

Knowing how much your blasting costs are means that you can compare which types of abrasive are more profitable for your project. You may be using an abrasive that is cheaper to purchase but you might end up using more of it to complete the job which can blow out your budget for the project.

The navy formula has been designed specifically to calculate abrasive blasting costs. The formula will allow you to discover the total cost per square foor (or square metre) of the surface area blasted.

The formula works by calculating the blasting costs below:

A = Abrasive Consumption
B = Delivered cost of abrasive
C = Disposal of abrasive
D = Labor cost
E = Equipment cost
X = Blasting Speed in square foot/hour (or square meter/hour)


To be successfully profitable while blasting you need to understand your costs so that you can properly bid on any abrasive blasting project.

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