Optimize your productivity with the Vertidrive robot




Contractor’s love the Vertidrive because it has extremely high production rates.

  • It can blast 3x as fast as a single man (Up to 350 sqft per hour)
  • It eliminates the costs of scaffolding needed for vertical heights,
  • and it’s also much safer.

However, the robot is only as productive as the operator controlling it – here are 7 insights to help you maximize production rates when using the Vertidrive unit:


1. Set the speed of driving

Minimize overlaps from your previous swing. Overlapping on the surface means you’re blasting the surface twice.

2. Set the speed of the swingarm

If the swingarm is too slow means it can overblast the surface, if the swingarm is too fast it may not achieve the required profile. Set the speed of the swingarm to the optimal pace to achieve the desired profile in one swing.

3. We recommend you use the step time function

The Vertidrive robot will drive a 1/2 or full second after each swing is finished.

4. Improve your visibility

Because of working at height, test run at eye height to set the Vertidrive robot correctly or try using a low dust media such as GMA garnet.

5. Ensure your equipment is well maintained

To minimize downtime and maximize safety, run your daily checklist. If you don’t schedule your maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you.

6. Personnel must be well trained

To understand what situations can cause problems during operations, train your personnel in the do’s and don’ts of the equipment.

7. Connect to your blast pot

Of course you have to optimize the setting of your blast pot and choose the right nozzle, but also think about connecting your robot to the blast pot. It allows you to use the remote for turning on and off the blast pot so you don’t have to scream at your colleague to communicate, but also brings extra safety by shutting off the pressure if something goes wrong.


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