Plan your onsite equipment layout

Planning the best layout for your equipment on the job site can ensure you get the best possible productivity on your project.


Benefits of keeping equipment closer to the blasting area:

  • Running less blast hose and air hose.
  • Less bends—causing less wear—on the equipment.
  • Higher performance and finish the job faster.
  • Higher pressure and a better blast.
  • Better communication between pot tenders and blaster/painters.

When working in a more confined area, some equipment can't be placed right next to where the blasters are working. In these situations, it is best to prioritize placing the blast pot closer to the blasters rather than the air compressor. This is because the friction and pressure loss is greater in the blast hoses, which contain air and abrasive, than it is in the air hoses, which only carry air.

If the tank has two or more access points, it may be a better option to either move your equipment to the other side of the tank before blasting the other side or to have an additional rig set up next to the second outlet. This way, you achieve better performance and avoid having to run extra hose across to the other side of the tank.

Before you start a new project, spend some time planning your equipment placement onsite. This will make sure that, when you arrive at the worksite to set up the blast rig, you will be setting up yourself for successful, productive operation.

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