Excessive surface profile can cost you


Having a profile which is larger than the minimum allowed in the specification will cost you when it comes to paint!

An absence of profile can be detrimental to coating adhesion and an excessive profile height can cause premature rusting and coating failure.

Let's look at what happens to paint costs when you increase your surface profile beyond specification.

For example, for a 10,000 ft2 area of steel with a 50 micron profile, it requires approximately 80 liters of paint to fill up the profile before starting a film build. This takes into account 79% volume solid and a transfer efficiency of 75% using and airless spray gun.

An inorganic zinc coating costs, say, $16 a liter, is equivalent to $1,280 of coating.

If you increase the profile to 75 micron this is uses 50% more coating which is an extra $640 cost.

How to avoid spending too much on paint

Measure your surface profile before applying the coating and check it against the project specifications. There are many options for measuring surface profile including the Defelsko Surface Profile Gage, Testex Tape and visual comparators.

By measuring your surface profile prior to coating application you can ensure you achieve specification and avoid unnecessary paint costs.

You can also refer to the Paint Application Tables on pages 448-450 in the BlastOne catalog which will help you calculate the required Wet Film Thickness based on a specified Dry Film Thickness.

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