Two options to reduce overspray when painting handrails




If you're painting handrails like most painting contractors have to do regularly, conventional painting methods don't always work the best because you lose a lot of paint.

We call it “TRANSFER EFFICIENCY” – that is, what’s not on the steel and not left in the can is OVERSPRAY.

Here are two options that help increase your efficiency and effectiveness while painting handrails.

Option #1:

Use a curved roller. While this might sound a bit of an unusual item and a contradiction, the way a curved roller is manufactured is that the wire center is bent rather than being straight. It uses a series of small mini rollers which are threaded onto this wire. This creates a semi-circle that will roll smoothly and evenly along a piece of tube or handrail.

You also don’t need to thin the paint when using a roller, which means you may reduce the time taken to complete your painting job. The roller can allow the paint to be better worked into welds, compared to spraying.

Option #2

The more advanced method for painting handrails is the use of electrostatic materials and specialized spray equipment.

The great advantage of using Electrostatic Method, is that it has the ability to “CHARGE” the fluid coating with a magnetic type effect – causing the fluidized coating to be attracted to – and wrap itself the coating around a tubular metal object and actually give an even film build.

We find that the “TRANSFER EFFICIENCY” increases from 40% to 80% plus using this system. That’s DOUBLE the paint on the steel! And You’ll save HALF of your coating material costs!

One proviso that you need to be aware of when electrostatic spraying, is that it requires a coating that can be electrostatically charged.

So you will want to clear this with the Paint Manufacturer to ensure that the coating specified is suitable for use with electrostatic spray equipment.

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