How often do you change your breathing air cartridge?

Avoid breathing contaminated air by changing your breathing air cartridge regularly


Breathing air cartridges capture contaminated air, oils, moisture and organic vapour as it passes through a series of filters, supplying clean breathable air to the operator. The contaminated particles are collected on the filter media and as they build up a restriction occurs in the volumetric air supplied to the operator and as a result it becomes more difficult to breathe comfortably.

You could be breathing in damaging levels of mould if you haven't been replacing your breathing air cartridge regularly

How often should you be replacing your breathing air cartridge?

Filter manufacturers recommend changing your cartridge every 3 months or 400 hours or use - which ever comes first.

The quality of air that operators breath is important to ongoing health. So to avoid breathing in contaminated air, change your breathing air cartridge regularly.

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