Scribble vs Stripe Blasting Technique

Did you know that changing your blasting technique could save you up to 20% in time?


We put the scribble and stripe techniques to the test!

The trial involved having an operator blast 2 patches of four square feet of steel, but change their technique.

The first patch was blasted with the scribble formation. This is the most common way of blasting because blasters think that it gives them a larger pattern which covers more surface area. In fact, they are over blasting the surface by 40-50%.

The second patch was blasted using the stripe pattern, where the blaster methodically blasted in long strokes, This technique has much less overblasting.

By comparing the blasted surfaces at the end of the trial, it is apparent that the long stripe technique was 22% faster, while blasting to the same class of blast – SP10. When the operator finished blasting his second four square feet patch, he said it felt no faster, but the results are in. The stripe pattern technique accomplishes a faster blasting speed which used less abrasive and competed the job faster.

Next time you're out on a blasting project, have the operator use the stripe blasting technique and see the difference it makes to the blasting time.

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