Signs your blast nozzle needs replacing


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There are physical, visual and acoustic signs that your blast nozzle may need replacing.

  • Cracking or crazing may become apparent on the external cover of the nozzle.
  • When you remove nozzle from the nozzle holder visual inspection may show un-uniform wear pattern. (smoothing out from one side into a groove)
  • A Nozzle Analyzer Gage can be used to check if your blast nozzle is worn from the inside.
  • If you are blasting and you think that the back thrust from the nozzle is less than previous days, then it is a possibility that the nozzle has worn.
  • When the whistle sound disappears when you blast – this is also a sign your nozzle may need to be replaced.

If your nozzle is worn and as a result has INCREASED in size (say from a number 6 (3/8”) to a number 7 (7/16”) then you MAY also notice the abrasive in your blast pot empties faster – a LOT faster!

This is because you are using more abrasive and compressed air – but at MUCH LESS production speeds! The VELOCITY of the abrasive impacting and cutting the surface is up to 40% SLOWER (ie, from 450mph down to 215mph!)

You may also experience an inconsistent flow of abrasive and air, causing further productivity losses on your job!

In fact – your economy-in-use may be affected by up to 25% in additional abrasive and air consumption. That’s up to an extra tonne of abrasive, and wasted compressor fuel dollars in your working day!

Using a worn blast nozzle can really impact the profitability on your job. Using a blast nozzle past it’s lifespan can pose safety risks, such as literally “falling a part in your hand” so we always recommend that you know the recommended lifespan of your nozzle and perform regular checks to ensure your nozzle is in good repair.

BlastOne offer the Ultra-Tuff blast Nozzle which as a 400 hour guarantee. It pays to use a quality nozzle and achieve longer wear life.


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