Surface Profile vs Class of Blast

Surface Profile and Class of Blast are both important aspects of surface preparation.

Sometimes when we talk to customers, we'll often ask them what “Surface profile do you need?” And they'll say “we need a near white finish”. Well, that's actually the Class of Blast.

It is important to know the difference between Surface Profile and Class of Blast. Each have different roles in the surface preparation process.

Here are some tips that can help:

P = Profile, Anchor Pattern or Peak Height.
C = Class of Blast, Cleanliness, Contaminant, Color.

Both of these will often be specified when you're working on a high spec project. The spec will determine how many microns or how many mils of Surface Profile is required, and the certain standard of Class of Blast required to complete the project successfully.

We also have a couple of easy ways to tell what Class of Blast you're working with.

  1. The BlastOne Surface Preparation Guide. It's in a booklet form which makes its easy to take onsite. You can just whip it out of your pocket, take it up to the steel surface and actually tell by comparing the color what Class of Blast you're working with.
  2. The Surface Preparation Guide Wall Chart. You can put this up on the side of the tank or near your Blast Room. There is also copy in the back of the catalogue.

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